L.A. radio station eats words after bashing Cavs

CLEVELAND - A Los Angeles radio station is eating its words today after airing a promo earlier this week that bashed the Cleveland Cavaliers before their game against the Lakers.

The promo from ESPN 710 called out the Cavs, saying that the Lakers were simply running an organized scrimmage before returning home for the All-Star Game in L.A.

The promo says:

“Tomorrow, the champs are in Cleveland to get another quality practice in before the All-Star break. Oh yeah, the Cavaliers will be there, too. Doing what? Who knows?”


After the Cavs pulled off the 104-99 upset, the marketing team in L.A. will need to get together a new promo.

Some Cavs players heard about the promo before the game, and even talked about it after the victory. Daniel Gibson addressed the topic in a post-game tweet.

“I tried to told y'all it's all about Grindin til it gets Better! Big Win.. I guess the "Show" ain't feel like practicing 2day.. Haaa.”

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