Irving's play adds to LeBron rumors to Cleveland

Kyrie Irving is coming off of the biggest weekend of his career. Rising stars, The NBA All-Star game, and winning the 3-point shoot out. 

After winning the rookie of the year last season, the commercials are starting to roll, for the man that plays Uncle Drew.

But, now his big weekend is taking on a new life of it's own. It all starts the praise he garnished all weekend. Not only from network announcers, but from Akron's favorite son. LeBron James.

James told USA Today's Sam Amick, "He's unbelievable," James said about Irving's coronation as the new king of Cleveland. "He'll be (among) the top two, top three best point guards in the league. He's headed there already."

"He's doing some great things right now. They should be excited about having him in Cleveland."

If you think Miami is starting to sweat a little about James coming back to Cleveland when he is a free agent in 2014,  you could be right.   The Miami News Herald thinks Irving's play and LeBron's words are just adding fuel to the fire.  Here is the link:

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