Dan Gilbert talks about the future of the Cavaliers and the NBA Draft

Gilbert wants Cribbs, Haden, Kosar at draft again

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio - Dan Gilbert's visit with the Cleveland media on Wednesday lasted just 22 minutes, but his message about the direction and the future of his Cleveland Cavaliers was crystal clear.

Gilbert said the future is bright for the Cavaliers and he believes the team can be ready for the playoffs next year.

Gilbert also appreciates the Cavaliers fans saying, "They get it. They know what we are trying to do here and are very supportive of the direction the team is going." Gilbert would not put an exact time frame on how long his teams rebuild would take, but said his staff is pushing to make it happen as soon as possible.

When it came to the NBA Draft, the Cavs owner said this is a very important draft for his team. Gilbert is a very superstitious man and that's why he is hoping to bring the same exact group of people from last year's draft that produced the number one overall pick. That team included, his son Nick, Josh Cribbs and Joe Haden from the Browns, along with Browns legendary quarterback Bernie Kosar.

Gilbert joked that if his son Nick did not produce the number one pick again, he would be "grounded all summer."

Gilbert admitted he hasn't watched one playoff game so far this year, but his kids keep him very informed as to what is going on. He also admitted it was tough not being a part of the post season and he hopes the teams absence from it won't be for very long.

Maybe the most interesting question of the day came when the Cavaliers owner was asked if he was interested in buying the Indians.

"I didn't know they were for sale," he said. He then went on to say his group is always looking to add to their portfolio, but has "too much on his plate right now."

The 2012 NBA Draft is scheduled to be held on June 28, 2012 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The draft will start at 7 pm.

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