Cleveland Cavaliers Nick Gilbert is back with his bowtie, Josh Cribbs and Joe Haden by his side

NEW YORK - As promised by Browns defensive back Joe Haden at Browns practice, the Cavaliers traveling party at the NBA draft lottery will go with the fashion Nick Gilbert sported last year: bowties. After landing in New York, they took this picture.

Nick is the son of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. The Cavs will have the same traveling party as last year when they landed the top pick for the fourth time in franchise history.

Gilbert sported a bowtie on the stage when it was announced the Cavs had won the lottery. The Gilberts along with current Browns Joe Haden and Josh Cribbs, and former Browns great Bernie Kosar went to New York for the Wednesday night lottery.

They stop to pose with the look they will be sporting. Last year, it brought the Cavs Kyrie Irving, who will also be with Team Cavs. This year, many fans are hoping to Kentucky's Anthony Davis.

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