Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant surprises with draft pick Anthony Bennett

Bennett: 'I was kind of shaking'

CLEVELAND - It was a Cavs general manager Chris Grant special. Expect the unexpected. 

Anthony Bennett from UNLV. He is your first pick in the 2013 NBA draft.

Grant bucked the trend when he took Tristan Thompson at No. 4 in 2011 and Dion Waiters in 2012.

"I was kind of shaking. It's a huge opportunity for me, for Canada to make history." Bennett told NewsChannel5. He surpassed Thompson as the highest Canadian selected in the NBA draft.

In Grant's world hiding what the Cavs will do until the last second has become an art form.

Bennett was asked what draft day was like for him with the chance of being number one: "I thought like everyone could be one, especially the top five."

Is he cut from the same cloth as Austin Carr, Brad Daugherty, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving?

We will find out. We do know he can score: 15.8 point per game last year. He said he can play small or power forward.

"I feel like I can play both positions. I will do whatever they ask me to do," Bennett said.

Like so many in the draft, health is an issue. He has problems with his labrum. He is on track to be ready to roll before camp starts. He is already working with weights and thinks he is ahead of schedule.

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