Cavaliers mascot Moondog, injured in pregame incident with Pacers' David West, expected back Sunday

CLEVELAND - Add another to the Cavs' sprawling injury list. Just this time it's not a player.

Mascot Moondog was the latest wearing wine and gold to get hurt Thursday night, when the Pacers' David West accidentally struck him in the face in pregame warm-ups.

West told the Associated Press, "I feel terrible about that, I really do, we were just having fun. We were just messing around. I really hope he's OK. Make sure he knows I'm sorry,"

A Cavs spokesman said that Moondog was taken to the hospital but was treated and released.

He said the team expects the mascot to be back for Sunday's game against the Magic.

Folks on Twitter offered well wishes and some snark about the incident.

@Aliyaho tweeted "Everyone say a prayer for Moondog (the Cavaliers' mascot) before bed tonight. David West sent him to the hospital today with an errant punch."

Cleveland sportscaster Daryl Ruiter, @RuiterWrongFAN , tweeted "You know you're season has jumped the tracks when even your mascot goes down #Cavs #Moondog"

Kyrie Irving has been out five games with a sprained right shoulder. Anderson Varejao is also out with a fractured wrist.

Moondog last tweeted Thursday at 6:28 p.m.

Stay with for the latest on Moondog's status.

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