Baskin's Blog: Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant wins the battle, the war is next on draft night

CLEVELAND - So far, so good for Cavs general manager Chris Grant.

You can look at any number of websites and they will tell you that it's a slam dunk the Cavs will trade the number one pick. Until you look at another site. It's got to be Alex Len from Maryland. No wait, Nerlens Noel, the pride of Kentucky is a sure thing. Clearly, Otto Porter from Georgetown is the best fit or was that Ben McLemore from Kansas?

Oh wait. Kevin Love is coming over from Minnesota in a deal for number one, Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters. No, that's not true. I talked to a bunch of folks on the radio today that think it's crazy to split up the core group of guys.


Grant has won the first part of the draft game. Less than one day before the draft, it's still not clear what the Cavs will do.

Even the report on Tuesday saying the Cavs are set on Noel, Len, or Porter was stretched to include McLemore on Tuesday. Some folks are willing to say that Len is the Cavs man at number one. But, nobody is actually sure.

Meanwhile, we find ourselves chasing the truth.

It's clear that Grant has everybody wondering. Adding to the uncertainty is the fact most people thought Thompson was a stretch at the number four pick two years ago, and the Cavs didn't hold a pre-draft workout with Waiters last year.

Grant now has the pressure to perform on draft night. He got it right with Kyrie Irving.

This draft has been called a "General Manger" killer. No clear cut number one. Make a mistake and watch the number one pick bust or any pick after become the next Michael Jordan, and your nightmares will haunt you on the unemployment line.  

Good Luck Chris, you are going to need it. Cavs fans and your team owner want a winner sooner than later.

We don't know what you are going to do. You hold the cards.

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