VIDEO: Terry Francona leads Cleveland Indians in their rendition of the Harlem Shake

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland Indians have joined the Harlem Shake craze.

In the 1-minute video posted to YouTube, Terry Francona leads the Tribe in their hilarious rendition of the viral dance.

It begins with Francona commending the team for their attitudes and attention to detail, plus their serious work ethic.

But it quickly takes a fun turn when Francona begins shaking his hips and doing his form of the hula, making a few of the guys turn away to avoid laughing.

Seconds later, the bass begins bumping and the locker room erupts with the team flailing around to the beat of the song in costumes.

(Mobile users watch here:

The Bauuer song Harlem Shake quickly spawned a domino effect of imitators, with hundreds of renditions posted to YouTube.

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