The beat goes on for the Cleveland Indians and legendary drummer John Adams on Opening Day

Cleveland man drums his way into baseball history

CLEVELAND - For the past 38 years John Adams has provided the soundtrack to Cleveland Indians games.

Thump, thump, thump, thump. You can hear Adams pounding away on his drum in the bleachers at most Tribe home games.

In fact, he has become part of Indians lore because of it. Adams has drummed in the bleachers at almost every Indians home game since 1973.  He has missed only 34 home games since then.

It all started in the bleachers at old Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

Adams told NewsChannel5 it was a matter of trying to be like other fans.

"Everybody growing up in Cleveland knows you were all seat bangers," Adams recalled. "You'd grab one of those old metal and wood chairs and you'd bang it."

It was a common practice for fans to slam the swivel chairs anytime the Tribe had runners in scoring position, or to get a rally started.

The problem for Adams - there were no swivel chairs in the bleachers where he liked to sit.  So, he improvised.

"I thought, I'm going to bring a drum and bang on the drum," Adams said.

He called the Indians to make sure it was all right.  The team said yes, as long as he didn't bother anybody.  Nobody complained, and Adams became a fan legend.

As for drumming his way into Indians history, Adams said the excitement has not faded, and never will.

"When you walk up that ramp and you see the field, it's like the Wizard of Oz.  All the colors in the world are right there.  How could you not be excited?"

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