Give 'em the heater: 'Major League' turns 25, director David S. Ward says another sequel possible

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland Indians game may have been rained out Monday, but you could have still watched them on TV. In fact, it would have been perfect.

April 7 marked the 25th anniversary of the release of "Major League," which is arguably one of the greatest baseball movies in Hollywood history--and certainly the best about the Tribe .

Writer/director David S. Ward, a long-suffering fan who also penned "The Sting ," recently told Yahoo! Sports he wrote "Major League" because he figured the only way he'd "see the Indians win anything is if I made a movie where they did."

Maybe that's what the team needed. Just five years later , the Tribe was just a game out of 1st when the player's strike ended the 1994 season early. The next year, they were in the World Series. They lost to the Atlanta Braves but won the Central in five out of the next six seasons.

On July 19, the Akron RubberDucks , the Indians' Double-A affiliate, will celebrate the 25th anniversary with a special giveaway. Instead of a bobblehead, a few lucky ducks (see what I did there?) will get a Jake Taylor "bobble-knees" doll, honoring the heroic, hobbled catcher portrayed by Tom Berenger .

The News-Journal spoke with Corbin Bernsen, who played Indians third baseman Roger Dorn, about how the movie has maintained its popularity. 

"The story resonates because we’re all underdogs," he said. "We all come into life as underdogs. Who can overcome that?”

If you're jonesing for another fix of "Major League" goodness, check this out: A new sequel with the original cast may just be on its way. With all the main characters another 25 years older, what could it be about? 

Here's what Ward says .

So... could the next major movie filmed in Cleveland be another installment of "Major League"?

Hate to break it to you but the first one was shot mostly in Milwaukee .

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