'Zombie-like' Miami attacker Rudy Eugene's girlfriend says, 'Eugene was not no zombie, he loved God'

MIAMI, Fla. - The girlfriend of the man who reportedly attacked a homeless man in Miami Saturday and devoured most of his face is speaking to the media.

Police say they found 31-year-old Rudy Eugene naked next to a partially clothed homeless man -- tearing the flesh off the man's face.

Officers say they were unable to get Eugene off the man, so they opened fire, shooting him to death.

Eugene's girlfriend says she is stunned by what Eugene is accused of doing.

"Rudy Eugene was not no zombie or 'Miami Zombie' like they're saying. He was a human being and that wasn't him," his girlfriend said. She chose not to be identified.

It's unclear what led to the attack, but officials suspect drugs may have played a role.

"[He was a] sweet, loving gentleman. He loved God. He always read the Bible," his girlfriend said. "He would give you knowledge on the Bible. Everywhere he went, his Bible went. When he left, he had his Bible in his hand. He's a sweet, loving person. He'd give you his life (crying). That wasn't him. That was his body but that wasn't his spirit."

Photos: Gruesome attack in Miami (WARNING: Graphic)

The homeless man was identified as 65-year-old Ronald Poppo.

He survived the attack, but his nose, mouth and eyes were torn off his face.

Poppo was listed in critical condition at last check Wednesday.

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