Crash sends millions of Canadian coins, candy onto highway

ONTARIO, Canada - Some immigrants have described their visions of the United States as a country where the streets are "paved with gold."  That fantasy became a reality of sorts in one part of Canada.

A tractor-trailer crash left a snowy stretch of Ontario highway covered with silver and gold.

For hours crews picked, scooped and piled up coins.  All because of a major crash of a tractor trailer, that seriously injured its driver and passenger.

They were at the wheel of a massive brinks truck loaded with precious cargo.  The tractor trailer happened to be carrying Canadian currency in terms of loonies and toonies, anywhere from $3-5 million.

The crash also triggered a chain reaction, four other vehicles crumpled into each other.  One of them, a truck full of candy.

Luckily the drivers of the secondary and other collisions did not suffer anything more than minor injuries.

Along with police, two brinks investigators are also looking into this crash that left coins and candy sprinkled just about everywhere.

Crews used a crane with a giant magnet to pick up all the coins.

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