Video Vault: TV 5 Eyewitness News with John Hambrick and Dave Patterson July 5, 1972

CLEVELAND - Our video player contains a chunk of a newscast from 1972. Sadly, the newscast begins just before Dorothy Fuldheim's commentary and only continues to midway through Gib Shanley's sportscast.

But even though it's not the full newscast, it's fun to watch anyway.

It was only four decades ago, but in TV that is like going back to the ice age.

Stories in the field are shot on film. There are no live shots from on location as that technology was a couple of years away. Graphics used over the film are slides, not electronic. The weather statistics and stock market reports are done with menu board letters and superimposed over a film or color background. UPI fax pictures are used to show pictures of people and places from around the country. Finally, the TV 5 weather radar looks like a turntable spinning over a map.

But enough about critiquing the technology of the day, let's look at the newscast in context.

It was July 5, 1972. TV 5 Eyewitness news was coming on like gangbusters.

The anchor team of John Hambrick and Dave Patterson was young, fun and hip.

Add to the mix of the town's dynamic anchor team, Dorothy Fuldheim, on WEWS for nearly 25 years at the time, truly a Cleveland legend. Dorothy gets nearly two and a half minutes in the newscast for her commentary.

Before Don Webster did weather in our 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts, Bob Zames presented the weather at WEWS. With Zames, you're in the presence of greatness.

Zames was a rarity for TV news in those days. He was an actual accredited meteorologist. Zames was a pioneer for Cleveland's TV meteorology. Zames gets two segments for weather. Today it is a rarity not to have an accredited meteorologist in a TV newscast.

Bob Zames would leave WEWS for a successful commercial real estate career.

Gib Shanley was the station's sportscaster. Gib was well known for being the Browns' radio play-by-play voice and for having a collection of loud-colored sport coats that would put a peacock to shame. Gib doesn't disappoint in this newscast with a bright pink sport coat.

I've kept two local commercials in this newscast, one with Ron Penfound, known best for his portrayal as kids show host Captain Penny, and another for Kenny Kings restaurants.

Enjoy a look back at Cleveland TV from long ago.

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