Video Vault: 1993 contest winner has driveway shoveled by Don Webster

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio - Here's a novel idea, make the weatherman shovel what his forecast put in your driveway.

That's what we here at WEWS did in 1993 to our veteran weather forecaster Don Webster.

It was in the pre-internet, pre-email era when viewers sent postcards to a TV station to try to win.

The video in our player begins with WEWS reporter Liz Claman spinning "Contest Drum 5" to pick the name of the winner.

Off we go to Parma Heights and the driveway of Thelma Lesko. Thelma invited a few friends over to watch Don run "Snowblower 5" and then scrape down to the pavement with a finishing flurry, pun intended, with "Snow Shovel 5."

Our gallant weatherman tells Thelma what a special moment her driveway cleaning was as he doesn't even do his own driveway.

"I want to tell everyone this is the end of the contest", Don says adding "We're only doing this once."


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