VIDEO: Huge tree uproots in yard on North Shore of Long Island, New York

CLEVELAND - You've seen videos of trees on top of homes, cars and across roadways from superstorm Sandy. But rarely do you see the moment the tree topples.

The video shows how strong superstorm Sandy's winds were. The gusts uprooted a tree in a backyard of a North Shore home in Long Island, New York.

Thankfully, no one was injured after the tree toppled, crushing a wooden fence in its fall.

Sandy came ashore Monday night near Atlantic City, New Jersey, packing winds upwards of 80 mph. Her wrath was felt in Ohio, and continues to be felt, as the winds brought power lines and trees down. Roads remain blocked and flooded throughout numerous cities.

Tens of thousands of people are still in the dark in the Buckeye State and many schools and businesses remain closed because of no electricity.

You can see local storm damage photos here:

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