Survey: Cleveland has nation's worst flossers

CLEVELAND - Have a little something stuck in between your teeth? A new survey says Cleveland is America's worst city for flossing.

DenTek, an oral care product maker, conducted the flossing survey of residents in America's 20 largest cities.

They found that only 28 percent of those surveyed in Cleveland reported they floss at least once a day.

Out of those surveyed who aren't routine flossers in Cleveland, three out of ten said they don't think about doing it and 14 percent said they use mouthwash in place of flossing.

Seattle/Tacoma, Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Francisco/San Jose and Chicago come in behind Cleveland on the worst flossers list.

Los Angeles is the best city for flossing, followed by Boston, Detroit, Miami/Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta, according to the survey.

The survey also includes these overall findings:

- 1 in 10 reported never flossing

- Three quarters of flossers reported flossing in their home bathroom but 11 percent said they will floss anywhere

- Why do people floss? 37 percent said for overall health, 25 percent because it was recommended by dentist/hygienist and 19 percent to protect dental investments

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