Two alligators found during Cincinnati pot bust

Alligators will go to Florida Everglades

CINCINNATI - When police go on a drug raid, they're ready for just about anything. But when Cincinnati officers executed a warrant in the city's Mt. Auburn neighborhood, they realized they needed some serious reinforcements.

Cincinnati police said 34-year-old Levon McCants was busted for having nine pounds of marijuana inside his home, but that's not what had officers raising their eyebrows. They also found two alligators.

Police called in the SPCA, who delivered the two alligators to the Arrowhead Reptile Rescue in Lebanon, Ohio.

"It does seem to be a theme that drug activity attracts alligators," said alligator rescuer Damien Oxier. "Twenty-five to 30 percent of the ones we get a year are from some sort of confiscation in a drug case."

"They're absolutely all bark and no bite," Oxier said. "People would go ‘I'm not going anywhere near that alligator.' But they're actually very docile animals, not prone to attack humans at all."

McCants will be charged with misdemeanor possessing exotic animals, in addition to the drug charges.

Oxier said the two reptiles will be taken to the Florida Everglades and released into the wild.

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