Treasury Department representatives to meet with Delphi retirees suing to get pensions restored

COLUMBUS - Representatives of the U.S. Treasury Department say they'll meet with retirees of a bankrupt auto-parts supplier suing to have their full pensions restored.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Alistair Fitzpayne, assistant secretary for legislative affairs for the Treasury, agreed to a meeting with Delphi retirees who saw their pensions slashed after the 2009 auto bailout.

Fitzpayne was responding to a letter last month from Ohio Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman and three other senators urging Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew to meet with the Delphi retirees to review their proposal to restore the pensions.

The bailout restored pensions of union Delphi retirees but cut pensions of more than 20,000 non-union salaried retirees.

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