Texas Equusearch joins hunt for Katelyn Markham in Fairfield County

Reward boosted to $25K in Ohioan's disappearance

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - The search for a missing Fairfield woman is getting help from a nationally known search agency.  Texas Equusearch , an organization known for its work in the search for Caylee Anthony and Natalie Halloway, will assist the local community in locating 22-year-old Katelyn Markham.

Tuesday morning, the agency's founder and director Tim Miller is expected to arrive and begin a massive, community-wide search.

"The man has resources like you have no idea," Miller's colleague David Rader said.  "Anywhere from sight scan sonar to drones.  He is well connected and if we need something he will get it here."

Rader is a volunteer with Texas Equusearch and S.T.A.R.R. or Search Tactics and Rescue/Recovery.  He never knew Markham but says that's no reason not to help.

"There's some people that volunteer for different things," Rader said.  "I would hope that if I had a family member that was missing that they would come out and help me."

That's exactly what nearly 50 volunteers did Monday evening off Buell Road near Triple Creek.

"We are going through the forest and we are checking underneath bushes and things like that looking for any kind of evidence," Monroe volunteer Dana Stuhlreyer said.  "It is a needle in a haystack, but I think with the large group, there's bound to be something that we find."

The volunteers searched until dusk and no new evidence was found.

The reward for information in Markham's disappearance is now five times larger, at $25,000.

Officials with the local Crime Stoppers organization said that family and friends of the 22-year-old have added $20,000 to the $5,000 in reward money that came earlier from an anonymous donor.

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