Steubenville releases video interview with city councilman on 'character of the city'

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio - The first video of a series was released Thursday featuring Steubenville city council members discussing the character of the city.

At-large councilman Kenny Davis is featured in the first three minute video talking about the city, its police department and the people he serves.

City Manager Cathy Davison said the videos are another way they can inform the outside world about Steubenville.

"Steubenville has received in-depth, and sometimes harsh, coverage recently," Davison explained. "The Steubenville Facts website allows us to correct misconceptions of all types."

In his interview, Davis calls Steubenville a close-knit community, talks about personal experiences that made him run for office and that he wants to see justice done.

"We are here to serve. To accuse a community, that comes together in times of darkness,...of turning our back is unheard of," Davis says in the video.

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He is also proud of the Steubenville Police Department and their professionalism, while noting he's sure they've made mistakes. Davis didn't tie the "mistakes" to the rape case.

The city plans to release more videos featuring members of city government sharing their thoughts about the community.

"While we can't discuss many specifics of the case, we can share our knowledge and thoughts about Steubenville to give the world watching a better sense of our community," Davison explained.

The Steubenville football players accused of rape will stand trial on March 13. They're accused of attacking a girl twice after an alcohol-fueled party in mid-August.

You can watch the video online:

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