Steubenville Big Red head coach Reno Saccoccia explains Ma'lik Richmond's return to football team

Hacker who exposed cover-up faces 10 years

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio - As people across the country voiced their outrage about Ma'lik Richmond's return to the Steubenville football team after his role in the rape of an unconscious 16-year-old girl at a party, Big Red head coach Reno Saccoccia told his side of the story.

"I feel he has earned a second chance," Saccoccia told WTOV. "We don't deal in death sentences for juvenile activity, and I just feel that he's earned a second chance. I've thought about it hard, and I'm going with that decision."
Despite some calls for Saccoccia to lose his job in the wake of the Steubenville rape case, the school re-upped his contract last spring.
At least one national outlet agrees with Saccoccia , that Richmond and the other convicted teen, Trent Mays, deserve a second chance. In part because recidivism for sex offenders, especially among juveniles, is extremely low.
Richmond served 10 months of his year-long sentence. Mays was sentenced to two years and is still serving out his sentence.
Meanwhile, Anonymous hacker Deric Lostutter, who helped expose the cover-up, was raided by the FBI the day after Richmond and Mays were convicted. He faces 10 years in prison , which is three times longer sentence than the teens received combined.
In April, Brad Pitt bought the rights to make a movie about Lostutter's efforts.
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