Saint Bernard saves Ohio family just hours after he's adopted

HILLSBORO, Ohio - A southwest Ohio couple, who adopted a Saint Bernard to save him, said the dog returned the favor just a few hours later, saving their home from burglary.

Rubert and Elizabeth Littler adopted the 135-pound dog from the Highland County Dog Pound to help him get back to full health, so they could find him a permanent home.

The dog had been found, bloody and dehydrated, by hikers on Oct. 31, likely the victim of a coyote attack, according to a local veterinarian.

The Littlers didn't know when they named him Hercules, that he would live up to that name just six hours later.

Rubert Littler told The Times-Gazette that he was taking Hercules outside Wednesday night when the dog started growling, and then charged through a screen door to chase a man running out of their basement.

The dog bit into the man's ankle as he climbed a fence and got away. Police investigating the break-in said the home's phone and cable lines had been cut.

The Littlers, who already have four other dogs, said Hercules has earned a permanent home as their hero.

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