Ohio snow plow operator stops wrong-way drunken driver with plow

SYLVANIA, Ohio - An ODOT snow plow driver in Sylvania, Ohio is being hailed a hero for stopping a wrong-way driver arrested for OVI. 

It happened last Saturday at around 2 a.m. according to our ABC affiliate, WTVG in Toledo. 

Ohio Department of Transportation Driver George Seambos was on duty when he saw headlights headed right towards him. 

"Scary," Seambos said, as he described the night. "I mean, you hear about this all the time.  I never thought I would experience myself."

In a 911 recording, Seambos said "I need, uh, the police here in Sylvania at the 23 Interchange at Monroe Street, Alexis and 23. I got a drunk driver."

Without wasting any time, Seambos quickly stepped into action. He flicked on his flashers, turned his snow plow on an angle and purposely blocked oncoming traffic from the wrong-way driver. 

"There were also vehicles coming from behind. I knew if they got around me something bad would happen," Seambos told a WTVG reporter. But things didn't stop there.

"He was going the wrong way and I got him to get back going the right way," Seambos said.

The ODOT driver then followed the suspicious driver to a highway exit where they were both stopped at a traffic light. The light turned green, but Seambos said the vehicle still didn't move.

"I looked over at him and he looked confused and I definitely knew something was wrong at that time," said the ODOT driver.

Seambos said he decided to block the parked vehicle and jumped out of his plow, only to take the keys away from the driver.

WTVG reported that driver was later arrested and charged with OVI.

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