Ohio news reporter Steve Levine hit by a car and injured; driver who fled scene turns herself in

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A reporter from Columbus, Ohio, woke up in the hospital after he was mowed down by a car while he covered a story. 

The driver, Terresa Peters, initially fled the scene but turned herself over to police Wednesday morning, ABC 6 is reporting.

ABC 6 reporter Steve Levine was injured working on a hidden camera investigation into possible thefts involving Peters.

He confronted her as Peters got into her car. She started to back up, pinning Levine's leg underneath.

A witness said that's when the driver sped away.

"I heard her drive off quite quickly," the witness said, "and that's when I ran over to Steve and Drew. I was yelling, ‘Is he okay? Is he okay?'"

Levine's leg was broken in three places and had surgery, but doctors say he'll be okay.

Columbus Police have charged Peters with felonious assault when she's caught.

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