Kings Island record-breaking Banshee roller coaster makes debut as park opens Friday

MASON, Ohio - Kings Island is set to open Friday and this year park organizers are preparing to give visitors a real scream.

The Banshee roller coaster, the latest thrill ride addition to Kings Island, is making its debut with the opening of the park.

The blue and pink coaster that covers 4,124 feet of track is the world's longest inverted steel rollercoaster, featuring seven inversions.

KI officials say the Banshee is a 2-and-a-half minute trip of terror.

A promised spectacle of a night ride including lighting effects will bring the legend of the mythological messenger from the underworld to life.

Watch NewsChannel5's Scripps sister station WCPO reporter Mario Ramirez's terrifying twirl on the coaster in the video player above.

Watch a computer generated tour of each loop of the Banshee below.

Watch the video here.

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