King's Island past: Parting is such sweet sorrow: 9 rides you hated to see leave Kings Island

CINCINNATI - Kings Island revealed plans for it's newest ride, but some of you are missing the rides you grew up with.

So in the wake of the amusement parks " Banshee " release, we bring you the 9 rides you hated to say goodbye to at Kings Island.

1. The Flying Eagles:

(1972-2004) Don Helbig, who does the park's PR, says this in the number one ride park goers miss the most because it was multigenerational and started out its stint as a park amusement at Coney Island before moving to Kings Island.

2. Antique Cars

(1972-2004)  The Antique Cars allowed you to drive an old-style gasoline car around a wooded course.

3. The Kenton Cove Sailboat Canal

(1972-1978): This was closed to make room for The Beast.

4. Son of Beast:

(2000-2009) Our Facebook fans said they were sad to see this wooden coaster go. RIP.


5. King Cobra

(1984-2001) The first stand-up, looping roller coaster featured a 90-foot-tall lift hill, but closed down after the maker of its parts closed its US offices.

6. Sky Ride

(1972-1980) The Sky Ride ran between Oktoberfest and The Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera, crossing International Street.

7. The Rotor

(1972-1981): Another one from Coney Island, this was a ride where you stand against the inside walls of a drum, and are stuck to the wall with centripetal force as the ride spins.

8. The Bat

(1981-1984) A thing of Kings Island folklore that was closed more than it was open. Some of our Facebook fans called for a ride resurrection .

9. Halley's Comet

(1972-1979): Another import from Coney Island.


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What ride do you miss the most at Ohio amusement parks? Leave a comment in the section below.

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