Kevin Lewis, Ohio man who won $1M in Horseshoe Casino blunder, pleads guilty to drug charges

CINCINNATI - The “wrong” Kevin Lewis’ luck may have finally run out after appearing before a judge on drug charges.

In August 2013, Lewis, 52, won $1 million at the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati after a casino error.

A different Kevin Lewis was the intended winner but the casino gave both men a $1 million cash prize.

Fast forward about four months and Lewis was arrested on Dec. 19, 2013 on charges including possession of drugs, trafficking in drugs, trafficking in marijuana and aggravated trafficking in drugs.

On Wednesday, Lewis pleaded guilty to the possession of drugs charge and the trafficking in marijuana charge but the other charges were dismissed.

Lewis has three previous drug convictions. A judge sentenced him to probation and to undergo drug and alcohol testing. Lewis’ license is also suspended for two years.

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