Viral: Homeless Columbus man with 'golden pipes' becames Internet sensation

Credit union offers $10,000 to homeless man

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ted Williams has become quite a popular guy on YouTube and Facebook.

Every day he stands outside of a Lowe's Home Improvement store in the Columbus area, holding a sign that says, "I have a God given gift of a great voice."

Most people may not even bother to read signs held by homeless people anymore, but this one caught the attention of a photographer for the Columbus Dispatch.

Doral Chenoweth took the video back to his paper and soon after it was posted, it went viral.

The good news is Williams is now getting job offers.

A radio station in Pennsylvania is offering Williams a minimum wage job, doing some voice-over work, and a credit union is also offering Williams $10,000 voice-over work.

The Dispatch reported that they received numorous phone calls and messages from people interested in hiring Williams.

If you want to see the original video, then click below:

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