Explicit sex details emerge in Stacy Schuler former Mason High School teacher case

Police release DVDs of victim interviews

MASON, Ohio - Details! Very explicit details!

That's what five Mason High School students provided to Mason police, north of Cincinnati, last year as detectives investigated reports that their former teacher, Stacy Schuler, was having sex with them.

The new information came to light Thursday on five DVDs recorded in January of 2011. Two of the victims had their parents in the room with them as they spoke. Another had an attorney present.

The verbal picture painted was that of an aggressive Schuler providing alcohol to the teens, marijuana use and ultimately sexual activity.

Schuler was convicted of sexual battery and providing alcohol to minors. She served one year of a four-year prison term and was released earlier this month.

One young man said he got to know Schuler when he was in one of her classes. She also was an athletic trainer for the football team when he needed treatment for ankle and back injuries.

His brother and sister had Schuler as a trainer, so when he was a junior the teenager began talking to her about depression.

"She kind of opened up about different things within the school that were kind of corrupt," he said. "That's how it started."

After one scrimmage, the boy said he and a friend went to Schuler's house to hang out and talk.

"She was kind of flirty and gave me her address," he said. "She makes us some drinks and it just kind of goes from there."  

He said all three drank, smoked cigarettes and marijuana.  

When Schuler went into her bedroom and invited them in, he said she seemed to get mad that they didn't join her right away.

"She was trying to be flirty and touchy, I guess you could say," the young man recalled. "It was made clear to my friend and I that she wanted more and we weren't really expecting that."

All three got undressed, the teenager said, and engaged in sexual activity.  He said a second incident a week later resulted in the same thing happening.

Another young man described Schuler as "flirty" in her text messages, but he deleted them all.  

He too said he engaged in sexual activity with Schuler on two occasions -- one time using a condom, the next time without one.

"Did she use any type of birth control?" the young man was asked.

"No, but she seemed like she was pretty smart like she would know if she needed it," was the reply.

The teenager also talked extensively about rumors circulating throughout the school about alleged relationships between married teachers.

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