5 easy ways to improve your health as rankings reveal only 10 states are more unhealthy than Ohio

Thirty-nine states in the country are in better health than Ohio.

Hawaii is the healthiest. Mississippi, the least. That’s according to new figures released by the United Health Foundation .

To move up the ranks, the organization says the Buckeye State will have to overcome air pollution, a high rate of preventable hospitalizations and prevalence of diabetes.

And while the number of smokers has declined, the number of obese Ohioans is on the rise, in part because more than a quarter of all adults in the state are inactive.

From the state of Ohio's healthy initiative website , here are five easy ways to be active at work and home:
- Walk during breaks or at lunchtime.
- Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
- Park your car farther away from the entrance and walk.
- Dance to your favorite music.
- Exercise while watching TV. Challenge family members to crunches and push-ups.
The foundation also hosts a resource page for those who want to "Take Action ."

BONUS: Laughter is good for your health so find a way to work in a chuckle today.

Exercise with a friend

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