Ottawa Co. investigating complaints from women claiming they were drugged at a bar in Put-In-Bay

OTTAWA, Ohio - Ottawa County Sheriff's office confirms they are investigating multiple complaints from women stating they were drugged at a bar in Put-In-Bay.

Our Toledo affiliate WTVG spoke with 51-year-old Cathy Huguelet who believes someone put something in her drink while she was visiting the island in June.

In her interview with WTVG, Huguelet says she was with a group of women who attended a professional networking event at a bar on the island, had a drink, and then didn't feel right. Huguelet claims she blacked out in the bathroom and only remembers walking in and walking out.

And, Huguelet says five other women say the same thing happened to them.

Sheriffs officials say right now there is no substantial evidence to suggest women are being drugged at bars. But detectives are looking into several cases of sexual assault.

Police do have signs posted on the island reminding people to keep an eye on their drinks.

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