Reports: Facebook profiles getting new design

CLEVELAND - The design of Facebook that users have come to know is soon going to change.

According to multiple reports, Facebook is set to unveil a new design for profile pages at its F8 conference this week, incorporating a media platform that the social media company will also launch.

The changes to the profile pages will be "major," according to the website Mashable, and one of the goals will be to get users to stay on the pages longer.,

The re-designed profile pages will accompany the launch of Facebook's media platform, which will display music and video content that a user is listening to or watching.

To feature this content, Facebook will launch new "Read," "Listened" and "Watched" buttons on the wall, allowing users to share more information, according to the website TechCrunch.

"It's important to qualify that this is from a source (and not from Facebook) but from what we hear, Facebook users will be able to click Read, Listened, Watched on content in their news feed," read an article on TechCrunch.

One uncertainty is how the new buttons will impact the "Like" button.

Facebook is holding off on commenting about any of the rumors, but the product designs will launch during the F8 conference on Thursday.

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