Google's April Fools' Day prank offers celebrity photobomb from David Hasselhoff

Google announced the latest feature of its photo service through Google+ on its blog: a celebrity photobomb.

Now, even if you're not lucky enough to cross paths with Kevin Spacey on his morning jog, you, too, can get photobombed by celebrities.

The Auto Awesome Photobombs service is starting with David Hasselhoff, "everyone’s favorite crime-fighting rockstar lifeguard."

*Disclaimer: This is totally probably a (very funny) joke for April Fools' Day.

Check out the blog for details and awesome examples.

That's not all Google is offering — Lifehacker has a full list of Google's pranks, like AutoAwesome for resumes, GMail "Shelfie" and the Chromecast SquirrelCast, as well as other pranks from around the web.


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