Facebook adds listen button

A new Listen button for Facebook Pages will make it somewhat easier to hear musicians' music.

You will need to install a music streaming app, such as Spotify or MOG. Then, when you click the Listen button located on the right of the page near the Like button, music will start playing. You also have the option to click Like for a particular artist, reported PC World .

For now, the Listen button is only available as a desktop version, not mobile.

MSNBC reported that the new feature is different from MySpace, because you do not get a detailed track list. Even so, there's always the possibility that Facebook's new option could become more sophisticated down the road.

Here's how Facebook describes the Listen button in a statement, according to ZDNet :

"Today Facebook launched a Listen button for band and artist Pages. The new button will give music fans an easy way to listen to songs through their favorite services, such as Spotify and MOG, directly from Facebook Pages. After clicking the button, the music service the person uses most frequently will begin playing songs from that artist. Because the music services are timeline apps, listening activity will be posted to timeline as it happens."

Your streaming software will determine what music plays via your Listen button. For example, Spotify will play the artist's five most popular songs, while Rdio will play a variety of songs based on the artist's "radio station," reported PC World.

The new feature is also good news for musicians, who benefit from getting their music out to potential new listeners via social media. It could also boost ticket and T-shirt sales for established and struggling musicians, as TechCrunch noted.

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