Prediction time: Breaking down 2014 Social Media Trends - Social TV, Facebook, Myspace, Instagram

A Facebook post about the future of social media would probably read “Pics trump the paragraph and get ready for the return of an old friend.” 
Here’s our list of #2014SocialMediaTrends:
#1 - Show! Don’t Tell: Let’s face it, Facebook will always have a place in our hearts, but our Social Media Guru says micro videos is where it’s. “You can see that from Snapchat and Instagram jumping on board and going as far as Vine was going and now they're all trying to catch up,” owner of Envida Group, Candie G says.
Instagram is now the most popular photo sharing site thanks to its new 15-second video option. And since Snapchat followed suit, the site has more than 350 million monthly users, compared to Twitter with just 23 million. 
Businesses will also be dipping in the micro pool. In 2014 companies will shorten ads and commercials, like Kmart’s "Show Your Joe," into creative videos. It’s a sneakier way for you to upload, post and push their product.
“Marketers are getting smart towards consumers. Now they're trying to subtly advertise to you.  You might not even notice them as much as you once did,”  Guay said.

#2 - The Social TV Takeover: No more couch potatoes, 2014 is all about tweeting, posting, tagging and interacting with all your TV shows. Bravo Network started it all, during reality shows like “The Bachelor," hoping that if you weren’t watching the show, you’d see an intriguing post or tweet and tune in. Next year, the idea is headed for primetime TV. 

“What’s happening now, is the targeting, as far as the Social TV goes, it’s going to an older demographic show.  So, watch out for the old people online,” Guay said.
#3 - MySpace Rises From The Dead: It’s been rumored for years, but thanks to a revamp by Justin Timberlake, this sounds legit. 
“They've actually made it a music based platform, so what you’re going to be able to do now is custom radio shows, custom stations.  It’s going to be huge!” Guay said.
MySpace has a new look that has a Pinterest-like feel. The site has gained 24 million new users in the past 4 months. Before it only had 12 million. So, if you want to get on MySpace, but can’t remember your password?  
You’re going to have to log on and type in your favorite color and the name of your favorite pet.




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