Romney/Ryan return to Ohio on Election Day

CLEVELAND - Political pundits are calling Ohio ground zero in the presidential race.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be in Cleveland together at noon near the IX Center. The event is closed to the public, but they'll be there getting their final message out to the media.

The Obama campaign has not released an official agenda, but the Associated Press is reporting the president wrapped up his campaigning with a rally in Iowa Monday night.

All eyes are on Ohio, and the numbers really tell the story.

Since June, between the president, Joe Biden, their wives and Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and their wives; they've been to Ohio a combined total of 141 times. That's according to the Washington Post. That's far more than any other state.

Both the president and Governor Romney were in Columbus Monday.  Ohio is a crucial win for both sides because no Republican has ever won the white house without winning Ohio.

The last Democrat to win the presidency without winning the buckeye state was 52 years ago: John Kennedy in 1960.

The latest CNN/ORC poll shows President Obama with a three point lead over Romney in Ohio. But that's within the margin of error.

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