Republican National Convention: Brother of Cleveland Browns owner talks politics, football

CLEVELAND - You could say there were two passions growing up in the home of Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam: politics and football.

"In some ways they are really not all that different," said Haslam. "You think about it they're both very visible, you both have a fan base that feels very passionate about what you're doing and then you obviously have people who aren't cheering for you."

His dad, Jim Haslam, was a star offensive lineman at the University of Tennessee, his brother Jimmy runs the family business and he just happened to buy the Cleveland Browns. The governor says that's a good thing for Cleveland.

"I don't know how anybody and I mean that, who I think is as competitive and committed to winning as my brother is and that's true in business, that's true if we're out jogging together, true if we're playing a family softball game. The NFL's a competitive world and I think it will help to have an owner that feels that way," he explained.

"I can't promise you when they will be winners but I promise you they will be," he added.

The governor actually visited Cleveland Browns Stadium earlier this month when the team hosted an open practice for the fans.

"I was watching him being interviewed and of course it's kind of fun for me being the Governor of Tennessee in Cleveland like no big deal. So I was just standing over by myself and I was having a good time watching him be the one who is grilled by the media."

As governor, he gets to go a lot of places, but not usually onto Cleveland Browns Stadium.

"I'm a football fan too, so I couldn't help but think cool," he said laughing. "That doesn't sound real mature, but the whole thought of this is really neat."

Haslam, of course, lives in the state capital of Nashville, home of the Tennessee Titans who just happened to crush the Browns last year 31-13. His brother didn't own the Browns then so what about next time.

"I told my brother I said I love you, you're the best and I'm cheering for the Browns, but when you play the Titans, I'm the governor of Tennessee."

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