Pictures surface on Twitter showing President Obama involved in confusion about spelling of Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Hang on, Sloopy. When someone shouts out "O-H!" to the President, one photo raises questions about what his response might be.

In a presidential election where every little comment is hyper-examined and nearly blown out of proportion, one of President Obama's gestures is now under the microscope.

The buzz started growing on Wednesday morning, after posted the photo. The picture showed the President at Sloopy's Diner in Columbus on Tuesday.

He was posing with three Ohio State University students, standing next to each other and attempting to spell out Ohio with their arms over their heads.

Except the formation in the original picture spelled O-I-H-O, with President Obama, who was third in line, forming the H instead of the I.

Initially, some media outlets, including the Washington Post, accused Maloney of doctoring the photo in an attempt to make the President look bad.

But the photo was authentic. A student passed the photo along to Maloney.

The Washington Post later apologized, tweeting, "Correction re: that Obama photo. We were fooled."

Maloney tweeted that he accepted the apology.

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