Ohioans gather in Charlotte to watch President Obama's speech

CHARLOTTE, NC - A Charlotte restaurant and bar turned into an Ohio bar and restaurant to watch President Barack Obama deliver his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Up to 500 Ohioans showed up to celebrate the final night of the DNC. Many attending the event, sponsored by the Ohio Celebration Committee, had tickets to watch the president's speech at Bank of America Stadium. But when the Democratic National Committee moved the event inside to the much smaller Time Warner Cable Arena, tens of thousands of the party faithful were left without a ticket. Some, though, were not.

"This is my fifth convention so I gave away my ticket,"  said Ohio State Senator Capri Cafaro. Others weren't as lucky, like Dan Dodd of Buckeye Lake.  "It's disappointing, yes. But it was a fun week. We enjoyed the other days," he said.

The entire Ohio party erupted in cheers when President Obama finished his speech. Now that the Democratic National Convention is officially in the books, it will be a feverish finish to election day, a day the 191 Ohio Democratic party delegates hope will be a happy day.

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