Ohio delegates offer Mitt Romney advice going into Republican National Convention acceptance speech

TAMPA, Fla. - There are pivotal moments in any presidential campaign, none more so than the presidential acceptance speech.

It is the one and only time during the course of what is almost a two year process, where the challenger gets to present, without interruption or rebuttal, their case on why they should be president.

Tip number one from the Ohio delegation: be bigger than the setting.

"He needs to project confidence," said Cuyahoga County Republican Chairman Rob Frost. "We feel it, we need to know he's ready to lead on to November 6 and that confidence will carry over.

"That will be the confidence this economy and this nation needs to get back on its feet," he said.

The economy is the key among Ohio voters, 59 percent say its their number one concern according a recent Quinnipiac University poll. Many see this as the chance for Romney to show how he will fix it.

"I think they want to hear something positive from Mitt Romney," said Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Robart. "That will convince them that that is the way they should go," he said.

Stopping by the Ohio delegation Romney's oldest son Tagg said he hasn't offered his father any advice, "he's already feeling enough pressure," he said.

But he does feel Ohio and middle America needs to see what he sees in his Dad.

"I think if he talks about his vision for what America is and can become and why he's qualified to help us get there, I think that will be a successful speech," he said.

Ohioans voted for President Obama in 2008 and the Quinnipiac poll shows Ohioans still like him giving him a 51 - 45 percent favorability rating compared to 39 - 45 negative rating for Romney.

That's why Romney will likely make his case being careful not to alienate those who voted for Obama last time but are undecided now.

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