NewsChannel 5 political analysts talk race for the White House

Obama, Romney continues to be tight race

CLEVELAND - Summer is not even here, but presidential politics are sizzling. A new Real Clear Politics poll shows President Barack Obama with a razor-thin lead of 45.5 percent to 43.6 percent over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. 

Real Clear Politics obtains its results by taking the top 10 news media polls from across the country and averages them together.

NewsChannel5 anchor Chris Flanagan sat down with WEWS political analysts Lee Weingart, a Republican, and Peter Lawson Jones, a Democrat. Among the topics, the presidential polls, when will most voters begin to pay attention to the race, and the gay marriage issue.

The three also touched on the very heated U.S. Senate race in Ohio between incumbent  Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Josh Mandel (R-Ohio), the current state treasurer.

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