Leon Bibb sends an open letter video to the Republican National Convention Committee on Cleveland

RNC should hold 2016 convention in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - NewsChannel5's Leon Bibb is sending an open letter video to the Republican National Committee about why Cleveland should host the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Dear Republican National Committee,

       I grew up here in Cleveland. My family bloodline goes through this city. Cleveland is my family - if you can catch the real meaning of my words.  We Clevelanders are a good community.  Our ancestors made a living here. They had a hand in building not only Cleveland, but in building part of America.

We have made steel here. During the years of war and the years of peace, Cleveland cranked out steel which was fired in our heavy manufacturing plants in area we call 'The Flats.'  Heat, pressure and a heavy hand make the hardest steel. That is the kind of determination which is forged into our bodies and our lives. We are a tough town.

We have taken a few hits on the chin over the years. We have lost jobs which went up old smokestacks, but we have consistently fought back.  We are fighters who know how to persevere, even in tough times. New jobs have come to Cleveland and we are proud of them. This is a life-saving community. People from around the world find their way to Cleveland to find healing in our world-renown hospitals.

That same kind of spirit runs through the entire community of Cleveland.

We are a hard-working community. 

Some cities have songs written about them. If the songs are good, they wind up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is built where Cleveland meets Lake Erie - one of the great waterways of the world.  We write and sing songs, too, because we ARE the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The songs we sing are about strength and determination. These are the words we live by. These are the words and melodies which have made us a great American city, which has become a world port because of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence seaway, that allows ships to leave the Atlantic Ocean and wind their way to us.

So, I offer this suggestion to the Republican National Committee. You are looking for a place that is the personification of America with all its diversity and strength and determination and history. That place is Cleveland. If you are looking for me and my city, you will find us where the broad-chested Lake Erie meets the Cuyahoga River. Drop your anchor at that point and you will find all you need in life.


                                             Leon Bibb, news anchor, NewsChannel5, Cleveland, Ohio

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