Elyria undecided voters listened closely to Mitt Romney's RNC speech

ELYRIA, Ohio - An Elyria couple, among the many undecided voters in this year's presidential election, paid close attention as Mitt Romney gave his acceptance speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention.

Tim and Rebecca Oldani are among nearly 5 percent of Americans who don't know which candidate will get their vote. 

Romney's speech didn't change anything.  "I don't have a picture yet," Tim said after watching the speech. "There's a lot I need to see, honestly."

Tim is a Marine combat veteran with a full-time job and studying for a bachelor's degree.  Rebecca is a stay-at-home mom with their baby daughter.

"I liked what he said about business," Rebecca said. "One thing our country needs right now is jobs. So the next president needs to bring us some jobs."

However, like her husband, Rebecca said she will wait until after the Democratic Convention and the debates to decide which candidate should get the nod.

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