Elyria family still undecided about presidential election

Hopes DNC will provide answers

BEREA, Ohio - An Elyria man, who is still undecided about which presidential candidate to support, hopes the Democratic National Convention will address what they will do about the issues.

"I'm frustrated, disheartened," Tim Oldani said Tuesday afternoon.

Tim and his wife, Rebecca, are both undecided voters. Neither feels the candidates have spent enough time addressing what they will do about the issues, such as the economy.

"I need to know what the plan is, whether it be long-term, short-term, stimulus, or fiscal policy, or new act, new order or whatever it is, I want to know what it is, the content of it," Oldani said. "I don't need to hear a general statement. I need to see a plan"

Oldani, who is a Marine combat veteran, is concerned about a wide array of issues, including foreign policy. However, he said he has never been as undecided before an election as he is this year. 

"There's a lot I need to see honestly," he said following the Republican National Convention last week.

According to the latest election polls, he has a lot of company. As many as 6 percent of registered voters are still undecided.

"I'm really hoping that the DNC, the Democratic National Convention, doesn't turn into a they said this wrong, this is how it really is, almost like a he said, she said," Oldani said. "I hope they can really speak to the hearts of the citizens and really reassure us as to what they're going to do to fix the issues with the economy, with the war, foreign policy."

Stay with newsnet5 and NewsChannel5 as we follow the Oldanis through the next two months as they make their important decision.

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