AFL-CIO president in Cleveland to lead final union charge in battle over Issue 2

CLEVELAND - The nation's top labor leader was in Cleveland Monday morning leading the final union push in a fierce election battle over Issue 2.

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka spoke at a union hall in Cleveland before heading out to knock on doors to talk to voters about repealing Senate Bill 5, the state's new collective bargaining law.

He says if labor loses its fight over collective bargaining rights for public employees, rights of other union workers will be in jeopardy.

Gov. John Kasich plans to lead rallies in support of Issue 2 Monday evening in two Cincinnati-area counties. Kasich lead two rallies in Cuyahoga County last week.

The issue on Tuesday's ballot asks voters to decide yes or no if they want to keep Senate Bill 5.

Senate Bill 5 impacts roughly 360,000 public employees, limiting their right to bargain over wages and working conditions. It also requires them to pay 15 percent of health care premiums and 10 percent of guaranteed pensions.

Kasich has said the law will help hold down taxes and make the state more appealing to business.

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