Evidence used to convict Jimmy Dimora to be released to media Tuesday morning

CLEVELAND - Federal prosecutors said they will release Tuesday the evidence used to convict former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, which includes surveillance photos from his Las Vegas trip and decked-out backyard.

Judge Sara Lioi issued an order to have the trial exhibits released April 27, but Dimora's lawyers objected to some of the evidence being made public and prosecutors had to redact some people from images and video clips.

The evidence is expected to be ready for the media Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. NewsChannel5 and newsnet5.com will have extensive coverage of the evidence, and will have it posted online as soon as possible.

Among the exhibits authorized for release are redacted surveillance showing Dimora and others at the Mirage Hotel's bare pool during a 2008 trip that was the center of the government's bribery case. While the bare pool photos will be redacted, most exhibits will not be, including photos of the inside of a hotel suite, dining at an expensive steak restaurant and a summary of phone calls made by Dimora while in Las Vegas.

[Click to see the full list of exhibits that will be released http:// 5.wews.com/LiO and http ://5.wews.com/nGj ]

Additional evidence includes photos taken of granite work inside Dimora's home, an outdoor pizza oven and kitchen area and brick work taken by FBI agents who searched Dimora's home.

Prosecutors said Dimora received free home improvements in exchange for steering county contracts to friends.

Lioi wrote in her ruling that "the court is convinced that the considerations weighing in favor of release at this time outweigh those against release."

She also disagreed with Dimora's argument that release of the Las Vegas photos would be "salacious."

Lioi did provide some limitations -- advising prosecutors that with regard to the home and outdoor area photos, only those the government is "reasonably certain" will not be used in a pending case against Dimora may be released. In addition, an office search warrant will be withheld because of a reference to a public works project that will be an issue in the same upcoming trial.

Lioi ruled that most exhibits can be released "at this time," while others may be released "as soon as they are properly redacted by the government."

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