Evidence released on Jimmy Dimora's affair with Gina Coppers

Dimora got sex, secured a job for Coppers

CLEVELAND - Jimmy Dimora used his official position to accept sexual favors from a woman who prosecutors said got a government job with public benefits.

Dimora's conviction on Count 9 specifically relates to Gina Coppers, who got the job she wanted, prosecutors said, with the help of the former commissioner.

Items released included hotel records from the Holiday Inn on Rockside Road in Independence, Coppers' personnel file, her retirement benefits enrollment form and her resume.

The jury saw a picture of Coppers, who had long brown hair in the photo shown over the winter during the two-month trial.

The jury also heard several FBI wiretaps between Coppers and Dimora, which were not released to the public because of government prosecutors plan to use them in court proceedings with other defendants.

In one call, moments after Coppers left a hotel during one of their meetings, Dimora said, "You got dressed that fast?"

"I'm pretty quick," Coppers said. "Underwear, bra, pants, shirt."

Coppers, a married mother, was very specific on what kind of part-time work she was willing to do for $24,000 a year. She told Dimora she did not want to work with kids, and she would prefer to "sit by a phone." Coppers said she eventually would want full time work.

- Holiday Inn record for Gabor (who paid to cover for Dimora): http://on.wews.com/IVlC6L
- Holiday Inn record for Gina Coppers: http://on.wews.com/MgzVrd
- Shula's bill for $90 (where Dimora & Coppers went before hotel): http://on.wews.com/L3oUni
- Coppers' personnel file: http://on.wews.com/Jt5r5l
- Coppers' enrollment form: http://on.wews.com/KjTgTZ
- Coppers' resume and fax to Dimora's office: http://on.wews.com/KcQE8j
- OPERS personal history records for Coppers: http://on.wews.com/KcQRs5

Coppers talked about her husband's benefits on one call with Dimora, and called the benefits "horrible."

"That's why you want (to go) with the public," Dimora replied.

In another wiretap, Dimora called Tom Day, the clerk at Bedford Municipal Court.

"Is Junkin alright with carrying her through until Solon works out?" Dimora asked Day, referring to former Judge Peter Junkin. Day replied "yes," and said Coppers would work in the clerk's office about three and a half days a week.

Day also told Dimora she'd be able to make "what she wanted to make," which was $24,000 for a part-time job.

Coppers was not charged. She still works at Bedford Municipal Court, and where she now is a full-time employee.

Day also was not charged, and he still works as the clerk of courts.

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