Evidence on Stonebridge parties with Jimmy Dimora, booze, prostitutes released

CLEVELAND - Sex sessions. Card parties. Guys hanging out.

That's what happened at a Stonebridge condo unit used by Jimmy Dimora, after he voted in favor of moving the county engineer's office to the same Flats complex.

None of the evidence released by U.S. attorneys Tuesday on this matter was redacted. But there was not much to see. FBI surveillance pictures show Dimora and co-defendant Michael Gabor going into the building, and there are a few pictures of the building itself.

U.S. attorneys did not show the jury as many photographs and receipts for the parties at Stonebridge, as they did for other events reviewed in the corruption trial.

The more salacious items came from testimony and FBI wiretaps, which were not released to the public.

Escort Rebecca Johnson testified she performed "sex sessions" with Dimora, Gabor and others at the Flats condo. She said she was introduced to the group by her friend and now-deceased escort, Allyson Peterson, who was nicknamed, "Glitter Pussy."

Former auditor Frank Russo testified, "Glitter was always at the Stonebridge condos."

"It was pretty much the same group of people," Johnson said about visiting the condo. "It became predictable that it would be Kevin Kelley, Kevin Payne, Jimmy Dimora, Mike Gabor and then another person or two would occasionally stop in."

Kevin Payne, also now deceased, was the chief of staff for the county engineer. Payne orchestrated engineer's office move to Stonebridge.

In June 2003, county commissioners, including Dimora, approved the request to lease new offices from Stonebridge Center, LLC for nearly $4 million over 10 years.

Rent began at $350,000 and increased each year until it reaches more than $445,000 in the last year, which begins this August.

In 2007, the Stonebridge complex expanded with the building of more than a thousand condo units.

Then in 2008, Payne gave Dimora the key to a two-bedroom, two-bath condo, with skyline and river views valued at $279,000.

Throughout the two-month-long trial, many of Dimora's former friends who made plea deals with the government testified about the parties at Stonebridge. J. Kevin Kelley said there were dozens of times they gathered there.

The condo also came up on FBI wiretaps. On one call, Dimora requested a specific woman be brought to a party at Unit 808.

"Get the one with the thing in her tongue," Dimora said, referring to a woman with a pierced tongue.

Stonebridge is owned by developer K&D Group.

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