Candidate Profile: David Joyce (R) 14th District

CHARDON, Ohio - He's been the Geauga County Prosecutor for over 20 years, but this year David Joyce is running as the Republican candidate for Ohio's 14th Congressional District race. It's a seat Joyce said his time as a County Prosecutor prepared him for.

"When you're elected to office you got to do what's in the best interest of all the people all the time and I run a law firm that represents everybody in the county, whether it's the school districts, whether it's the County Commissioner ... as well as representing the state of Ohio in all criminal matters  We're done that for 24 years without a glitch," said Joyce.

Joyce received the County Chair's G. O. P. nomination after 9 term incumbent Steven LaTourette unexpectedly announced his retire.  Joyce says he's the man for the job.  But many are wondering how he'll fall on the political spectrum and whether or not he aligns himself with the tea party.

"I don't want to come out and say that I'm a tea party," said Joyce, "they may not want me ... but I think what I've tried to say is as a whole, if they watch my voting record, they'll see that I believe in the same things they do: less government, lower taxes and more efficient operations in the things we do - less regulations and try to let the economy grow itself."

It's his first time running for Congressional office but like his Democratic opponent Dale Blanchard, Joyce said one of the biggest issues he's focused on is the economy, and how that translates to jobs.

Joyce said, "Anyone who tells you as another politician, they're going to create jobs.  We'll that's just not true unless you create another organization.  Where jobs are created are out there in the field, in the industries and you help them by doing things like help them reduce their taxes, you help them by stimulating the economy."

Add education to the mix and Joyce said, "Not every good job demands a 4-year-degree.  We have to start training people to handle the jobs that are coming to our area."

On the topic of Obamacare, Joyce told us he agrees with some policies, but also believes some need to change.

"As far as the massive regulations that have also come part of that bill they just - people can't function like that and you're going to find more employers just doing away with their healthcare bills because it would be easier to pay the fine than pay for healthcare," said Joyce.

He also believes the rules or guidelines for Social Security and Medicare need to change as well.  But Joyce was adamant in saying, "I'll sign a pledge with any senior tomorrow.  I'm not going to Washington with the intent of getting rid of Medicare."

On the Paul Ryan Budget, Joyce said, "Well, I think the Paul Ryan Budget is a start and it's nice that people are talking about a budget because let's face it, Kelly and I work from a budget at our house, you work from a budget at your house.  Washington should do the same thing."  

Joyce said, "I'm more of a fan of the Simpson-Bowles plan which is more of a bi-partisan plan and it puts everything on the table, and it reduces our deficit because the deficit is what's going to strangle our next generation."

On the topic of abortion, Joyce said he is Pro Life except in instances of rape and incest.

He also says he's not afraid to cross party lines if it's in the best interest of his District.

And we discussed even more topics during an afternoon interview but the husband and father of three says bottom line, he feels he's ready to represent Ohio's 14th Congressional District.

"I know the issues first and foremost.  I also understand the problems we had with funding, trying to make things work and you need to have a consistent approach," said Joyce, "I want to go out there to D.C. and do those things: help bring consistency and then bring it back home so then the people here, all the people I represent especially the government officials, understand that this is what is going to be our policy and government format."

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