BBC eyes Ohio for presidential election coverage

MEDINA, Ohio - The BBC made northeast Ohio its first stop for "World Have Your Say", the globally broadcast show is hosted by Ros Atkins.

With worldwide attention turning towards the presidential election, the BBC will be asking: "Is America working?"

"We're interested in what the two candidates are offering voters, but we're also interested in what the voters want from the two candidates," said Ros Atkins, host of "World Have Your Say".

Atkins broadcasted live from Cleveland's WCPN studios. From there, the show was aired in the UK and around the world.

Atkins and his crew spent another day in Medina, Ohio, where he met up with Skip Jones, of Jones Turkey Farm. They talked about agriculture and the presidential election during another live broadcast.

"We have to get things turned around. Costs are skyrocketing," Jones said,

Jones and his wife sell turkeys and sheep, but also have other sources of income, such as running their own catering business.

While broadcasting from other cities, Atkins will be discussing other voters' concerns. In San Diego, he will sit down with members of the U.S. military to find out what they are looking for in our future president. He plans to discuss financial concerns with people in New York City. Even people in the entertainment industry will be talking politics with Atkins in Los Angeles.

"Our listeners and viewers around the world will be fascinated to hear that Americans very much believe that if you work really hard and you find something that you love doing, you are going to succeed. It's the reason why so many people want to come to America," Atkins said.

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